Peebles Hydro building

Our Key Partners in Crime …

It is only right and proper to identify the crazy bunch of people who have made this project a success from the outset. The phrase “I couldn’t have done it without them”, has never rung more true than it does for the Borders Wellness Retreat.

From little acorns, mighty oaks grow … and from the initial idea, there is a very specific ‘Roll of Honour’: our key partners …

1. Peebles Hydro

For allowing us to take over their luxury hotel, for dealing with all possible changes to programme requirements and also for being a fabulous all round base for the retreat and many more associated ventures.

2. Velvet Hall Alpacas

Without Velvet Hall Alpacas we couldn’t promote the therapeutic benefits of walking with animals. They also gave us the inspiration for our alpaca mascot 💕.

3. Glorious Greens

For bringing new excitement, fun and passion to healthy eating, especially for those whose tastes, diet, appetite and tastebuds have been knocked sideways through cancer treatment.

4. Ridelines

For the adrenaline, professionalism and the fun they bring whilst introducing the joys of mountain biking. They even manage to get big scaredy-cats like me into the saddle!

5. Live More Borders and the Move More volunteers

Without whom we would not have been able to conduct the gentle movement session, which is especially designed for people living with cancer.

6. Core Callanetics Scotland

For maintaining my interest and fitness levels via Nordic walking, and for selflessly donating her time to take people out on taster sessions so that, they too, can become passionate about walking with ‘dork poles’. 😊

7. Paul Mills and Annette Wilson

For bringing various relaxation therapies to the retreat, allowing people to try new techniques in a safe, happy and warm environment.


And then there are the people behind the scenes, without whom this really would not have worked …

8. Natalie from Allera Marketing

Natalie has donated significant time and creative influence to designing the branding for the charity, as well as creating the website. She continues to be the IT guru who will make sure everything works as we get bigger and brighter.

9. Micky Cooper from Mick Mick Designs

Micky has donated her time to create and host the entire line of merchandise we sell to create funds for the charity. She tolerated many late night emails as I tried to decide what promotional material would be suitable for our purposes, and then delivering on promises that everything was perfect and ready for sale.

10. Our Board Members

Our board have selflessly given their time and expertise to voluntarily oversee and manage the strategic direction of the charity. As well as this, they have offered their time to attend and help facilitate various events.

11. Close family members

Last, but by no means least, close family members who have had to listen to numerous iterations of plans, ideas and rants … and helped with the endless amounts of paperwork. Let’s also not forget the gin nights and spa days when I needed to chill out!

Different retreats will be made up of different activities, so our ‘Roll of Honour’ will grow as we go along … watch this space as we continue to work in collaboration with some of the best people across the Lothians and Borders to deliver this service.

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