Lindsay McNeill - Founder of Borders Wellness Retreat

Lindsey’s Story

Our Founder Lindsey McNeill

Lindsey was diagnosed with an aggressive form of genetic breast cancer in December 2016 at age 38.

Lindsey subsequently went through 15 months of chemotherapy and multiple surgeries. After coming out the other side she decided she wanted to try and help ‘others like her’.

Over the course of treatment, Lindsey hadn’t found anyone or anything locally which appealed to her or fitted in with her ‘return to work’ lifestyle – nor indeed anything which took into account some of the constraints of the ongoing side effects of cancer treatment.


It was following an inspirational retreat in Manchester that she came back home and took up Nordic Walking as part of a ‘social prescription’ for healthy living.

At the same time, her friend’s father was also going through cancer treatment. This friend is an award winning Chef, who was trying to identify ways in which to help people overcome the challenges of damaged taste buds, whilst prepping nutritious meals which are easy to make.

Together, they came up with the concept of a wellness retreat. A place to come and try new things, with the hope that people have fun and connect with people that understand them.

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