The strategic direction and oversight of the charity is carried out by a voluntary Board of Trustees. These Trustees came together to offer support to our founder, agree a direction of travel, formalise a constitution and apply for charitable status. They have legal responsibilities to uphold, and are the ultimate decision making body for the charity.

The current Trustees are as follows:

Fiona Pearson

Fiona PearsonFiona believes passionately that every human being should have the opportunity to maximise their potential. During her career, Fiona has supported some of the most vulnerable people in our society, run a successful social enterprise and currently provides business development advice and support to other social enterprises.
Bringing a wealth of experience, alongside knowledge about the charitable and social enterprise sectors, she hopes to be an asset to Borders Wellness Retreat.
Fiona is delighted to join as a Trustee and looks forward to having a positive impact of the lives of people who have experienced cancer.

Amy McDonald

(Information to follow)

Iain Slorach

Iain SlorachA close friend of Lindsey for more than ten years, Iain was delighted when Lindsey asked if he would support her with her idea for the Borders Wellness Retreat programme. Iain has worked in a wide variety of corporate roles in some of the UK’s largest companies. During his career, including his most recent work in the Public Sector, he has built a wide generalist knowledge that will support the success of the retreat programme.
Iain’s experiences with cancer have related to the care and support of both his partner and his mother. Simultaneously providing support and learning about two very different types of cancer presented Iain with emotional and physical challenges. Whilst his partner made a full recovery, Iain and his family nursed his mother at home for several months before she passed away in 2017. This has provided a basis for Iain to develop an awareness of the difficulties faced by people affected by cancer, during both the diagnosis and outcomes.

Lindsey McNeill 

Lindsey McNeillOur Founder, Lindsey, is not a formal trustee of the charity. She acts as the charity’s ambassador on a voluntary basis. A passionate believer in helping others, Lindsey has been a volunteer for various organisations throughout her life.

Lindsey’s voluntary work includes international representation and local leadership roles for UK scouting, care for the elderly, housing provision and assisting those with additional support needs. She has led, fundraised for and actively participated in everything from daily management through to organising trips of a lifetime. Professionally, Lindsey has worked across the public and charity sectors in a number of senior roles for over 20 years. She had covered remits such as people, finance, process improvement, organisational development and culture change.

Lindsey was diagnosed with cancer in December 2016, and having survived treatment, decided to try and make a difference to people in a similar situation to her.